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Imperium® Elite (2°- 8°C) Half Pallet Insulated Shipping System

Imperium® Elite (2°- 8°C) Half Pallet Insulated Shipping System

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Inmark's Imperium™ family of patent-pending pallet shippers provides the performance and flexibility to solve your bulk distribution challenges.

Effectively manage and mitigate risk by tuning to your organization's specific risk profile(s), cost targets and business objectives.

By leveraging patent-pending design and advanced materials, as well as simple, modular, and intuitive design, Imperium family seamlessly integrates into any supply chain, improving efficiency and ensuring compliance.


Performs to ISTA 7D Standard:
Rigorously designed and developed to ISTA 7D Standard, the Imperium family of pallet shippers ensure performance in the chamber is only exceeded by performance in the field.

One Shared Platform - 18 Configurations:
The Imperium family incorporates 3 sizes with 18 potential configurations all built on the same platform with shared common parts allowing for built-to-fit payload configurations.

Variable Temperature System:
Imperium shipping systems are capable of meeting numerous temperature and duration requirements by a simple configuration change.

Tune to Cost / Tune to Risk:
Imperium Elite, Plus and Standard configurations allow the Imperium platform to be tuned to cost and risk considerations.

Patent Pending Technology:
Engineered with patent-pending technology that leverages advanced phase change materials (PCM) and free convection to achieve unmatched thermal performance.


  • 2-8/US250/UW201

Outside Dimensions - Shipping Carton

  • (mm) 1219 x 1016 x 826
  • (in) 48 x 40 x 32.5

Height includes standard heat treated wood pallet (included in solution)

Available Payload Volume

  • (mm) 826 x 622 x 298
  • (in) 32.5 x 24.5 x 11.75

Payload Volume

  • (liters) 153
  • (ft) 5.4

Total System Weight (includes heat treated pallet)

  • (kg) 121
  • (lb) 266