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Fortis® 75-27.7L (2°-8°C) Refrigerated  Insulated Shipping Solution

Fortis® 75-27.7L (2°-8°C) Refrigerated Insulated Shipping Solution

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FORTIS™ (2-8°C)

Designed for use when shipping high-risk, irreplaceable payloads, the FORTIS product line is our flagship 2°C to 8°C shipping system. Using a graphite-infused polystyrene-insulated chest, and a unique Phase Change Material that phases between 2°C to 8°C, this robust system has been pre-qualified to ISTA 7D.


By validating the shippers to the most challenging industry standard profiles, the Fortis is a cost effective solution that takes risk out of your supply chain.


  • Tested to ISTA 7D Profiles
  • Priced For Single Use - Robust Enough for Multiple Shipments


  • 2-8/S95h/W286h

Outside Dimensions - Shipping Carton

  • (mm) 641 x 552 x 502
  • (in) 25.3 x 21.8 x 19.8

Inside Dimensions – Product Space

  • (mm) 362 x 257 x 292
  • (in) 14.50 x 10.13 x 11.50

Dimensions – Bottles

  • (mm) 337 x 235 x 32
  • (in) 13.25 x 9.25 x 1.25

Payload Volume

  • (liters) 27.7
  • (in) 1690

Dead Weight (Includes Refrigerant)

  • (kg) 30.8
  • (lb) 67.9