INMARK Announces Acquisition of SAF-T-PAK

Inmark, a leading provider of global packaging and services, is pleased to announce their acquisition of Saf-T-Pak, a specialized provider of regulatory training and packaging for the safe transport of infectious substances, effective April 7, 2015.

For over 20 years, Inmark has been a leader in Life Sciences packaging supply and compliance training. The acquisition of Saf-T-Pak will increase Inmark’s portfolio to include an expanded line of infectious substance packaging solutions, training software and services and global resource capabilities.

“We are beyond thrilled to have acquired Saf-T-Pak, another key player in the infectious packaging arena, said David Oyler, Inmark President & CEO. “The opportunities afforded to us by this acquisition will be tremendously valuable for our business, and more importantly, our customers.”

Over the next several months, Inmark’s management team will be working to ensure a smooth transition for all employees and customers involved in the acquisition process.

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