Tricky Category B Packaging Need

Tricky Category B Packaging Need

The Challenge:

An Inmark client seeking to transport both ambient and frozen biological substance Category B materials approached us searching for ways to reduce cost while maintaining critical, proper temperature control for the duration of shipment and handling.

The Solution:

Our team initially decreased the size and weight of their systems; however, we went a step further to truly develop a customized solution to help them reach their goals.

The engineering team at Inmark determined that the client’s investigators often shipped their systems back to the lab at the same time, using separate shippers. We determined that developing a customized combination system (frozen/ambient in the same shipper), could help them achieve their goal.

The Result:

After already achieving significant packaging and cost savings by decreasing the size and weight of their initial packaging, Inmark went a step further to develop the custom combination system for this client. There were challenges in ensuring the ambient specimen did not freeze as a result of being in the same packaging system with dry ice. We achieved success by developing a customized approach to the challenge.

Validations were then completed to ensure the integrity of the ambient specimens. Both the temperature validations and Cat B testing were successful and the packaging solution was globally implemented.

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