Gentoo Parcel Solutions

Inmark’s new line of Gentoo parcel solutions leverage high-performance materials such as Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) and advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) to offer robust thermal performance even in the most demanding of lanes and temperature conditions.
The Gentoo family includes four payload sizes, ranging from 5L to 57L, with a single refrigerant SKU leveraged across the entire family. These systems are pre-qualified to handle 2°C to 8°C and 15°C to 25°C for upwards of 120 hours or more, as well as -15°C to -25°C for upwards of 96 hours.
The Gentoo family can be easily incorporated into a return/reuse program, and the weight and dimensional efficiencies of these systems can provide significant freight savings over more traditional water-based designs leveraging EPS or PUR insulation, making them cost-effective even as single-use systems when considering Total Cost of Ownership.
The Gentoo family’s simple pack-outs and color-coded PCM bottles reduce packing errors and simplify your on-site training. So whether you require robust thermal performance, a green alternative that can be reused, a more efficient alternative to heavier lower-tech packaging, and/or SKU efficiency and simplicity, think Inmark’s Gentoo family of temperature-controlled parcel shipping systems.


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