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MD8000V04 - EXAKT-PAK® Category B Ambient Uni-Pak® Insulated Shipping Solution for up to (4) 35x125mm vials w/41mm Caps

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    Ambient Uni-Pak® | Category B

    For those needing protection for the sample, significantly increased capacity and reusability, EXAKT's Uni-Paks are ideal.

    The Uni-Pak containers come in 4 sizes. The outer packaging consists of a corrugated box preprinted with the Biological Substance, Category B and UN3373 labels, a cardboard octagonal-hole insert for the white canister and tape to close the box.

    The inner packaging completes the package and consists of a rigid white plastic canister with the appropriate leakproof bag(s) and foam insert(s), 2 gray foam disks, tape and enough absorbent to absorb the entire contents of the canister. Assembly instructions are also included.

    *Uni-Pak meets USDOT Regulations and IATA Packing Instruction 650 for Biological Substance, Category B specimen transportation.

    FEATURES: Uni-Pak Category B Packaging Solutions

    • For Biological Substance, Category B Specimens.
    • Ambient, Cold, and Frozen configurations available.
    • Applicable to a wide range of specimen receptacles including vials, tubes, slants, jars, bottles, devices, swabs, tissue specimens, petri dishes, and cryovial boxes.

    Uses (4) different sizes of Rigid Secondary Container:

    • 4" tall
    • 6-3/8" tall
    • 8-1/2" tall
    • 10" tall

    EXAKT-PAK® Cat B Uni-Pak can ship:

    • up to (4) items measuring up to 35 x 125mm Vials w/41mm Caps

    Recommended Uses:

    • Specimen transport of vials, tubes, slants, jars, bottles, devices, swabs,, tissue specimens, petri dishes, and cryovial boxes.
    • Blood Sample Collection, Transport & Storage
    • Environmental Collection, Transport & Storage
    • Plasma Collection, Transport & Storage
    • Urine Sample Collection, Transport & Storage
    • Artificial Insemination Collection, Transport & Storage

    If you have special needs, EXAKT-PAK will mix and match components to assemble a package that best meets your needs today and in the future.

    Call us at 1.800.866.7172 to personalize your package solution.



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