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MD8703V06 - EXAKT-PAK® D-Pak® Category B Frozen Insulated Shipping Solution for Blood Tubes, Urine Tubes and Vials

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    Frozen D-PAK™ | Category B

    This sturdy outer package comes with 1" EPS insulation and can hold up to 3 flexible inner packaging(s). Each inner packaging comes complete with bubble wrap, tape, absorbent, and both inner and outer flexible containers in case your primary receptacle does not meet the leak-proof standard.

    The outer corrugated box is preprinted with the Biological Substance, Category B and UN3373 labels and comes with the necessary dry ice label so the package is complete, just waiting for your samples and a list of contents to go inside the corrugated box. Frozen temperature is maintained for 24 hours when the recommended amount of dry ice is used in the package**.

    *D-Pak meets USDOT Regulations and IATA Packing Instruction 650 for Biological Substance, Category B specimen transporting.

    **Dry Ice Duration is measured from the time the box is closed and taped shut using an "H" taping pattern (3 pieces of tape) until the dry ice has dissipated. Dry ice pellets were used for testing. Use of dry ice chunks/blocks may result in a shorter frozen temperature period.


    • For Biological Substance, Category B Specimens.
    • Ambient, Cold, and Frozen configurations available.
    • Uses flexible Inner Packaging.

    This Frozen D-Pak Package can ship up to:

    • (6) items measuring up to 16 x 125mm 
    • (3) items measuring up to 1" D x 6" 
    • (2) items measuring up to 2" D x 2.75"


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