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Volo® 75 25.3L CRT Insulated Shipping Solution

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The VOLO product line uses unique water-based brick cassettes and an innovative graphite-infused polystyrene insulated chest, Neopor.

*Like our other 2°C to 8°C shipping solutions, this system can be used as an Overpack when transporting Category A Infectious Substances (UN 2814 or UN 2900).

FEATURES: Features & Benefits

  • Pre-qualified for 2 to 8C and 15 to 25C shipments
  • Universal pack-out
  • Seasonal pack-outs for extended durations under 2 to 8C
  • Multiple payload sizes
  • Neopor™ insulation and water based brick cassettes
  • Global availability

15-25C Summer 135 Hours

15-25C Winter 71 Hours


Part Number: 34284


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