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Saf-T-Pak® STP-302 Category B Ambient Insulated Shipping System (UN 3373), 8/Case

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    Saf-T-Pak's smallest, lowest-priced insulated shipping system for Category B Infectious substances or Exempt Human/Animal Specimens in the Saf-T-Pak family of shippers.

    With a capacity of up to four 10 mL vials, the STP-302 is the ideal shipping solution for specimens that need to be kept at Controlled Room Temperature or 'chilled' for overnight shipment.

    Using the Saf-T-Temp® 500 gram Controlled Room Temperature PCM Paks (STT-521-500), the STP-302 will maintain your specimens between 10 to 30°C for up to 30 hours*. To keep your specimens chilled at <10°C for up to 24 hours*, the Saf-T-Temp 225 gram. Gel Paks are the perfect fit.

    The STP-302 Shipping System includes one patented STP-700 Secondary Pressure Vessel and one 50 mL absorbent (STP-150), and meets the requirements for Packing Instruction 650 for UN 3373 Biological Substances, Category B as well as IATA and ICAO requirements for Exempt Human and Exempt Animal Specimens.


    Smallest, lowest cost insulated shipping system for Category B and Exempt Patient Specimens.

    • Smallest, lowest cost insulated shipping system for Category B and Exempt Patient Specimens.
    • Ideal for use with Saf-T-Temp® PCM Paks for thermal control.
    • Ship one to four 10 mL vials.

    System Components:

    • Quantity 8/case
    • Outer Box – OD 8.25 x 7 x 6.25” pre-printed with Biological Substance, Category B, UN 3373 and Exempt Human/Animal Specimen Markings
    • Insulated Chest – ID 6 x 4.5 x 4”
    • STP-150 50mL Absorbent Strip (1 ea.)
    • STP-700 Disposable 2-Part Secondary Pressure Vessel, Small (1 ea.)

    Approximate Capacity*:

    • Max. Secondary Pressure Receptacle(s) (STP-700): 1 Max.
    • 2mL Tubes: 10 Max.
    • 10mL Tubes: 4 Max.
    • 14mL Tubes: 4 Max.

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