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Saf-T-Pak® STP-270 - Category B Ambient Shipping System, (UN3373) 25/Case

Saf-T-Pak® STP-270 - Category B Ambient Shipping System, (UN3373) 25/Case

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  • Designed for shipments of large specimens or multiple specimens in a single package
  • Largest Ambient Shipping System qualified for Category B and Exempt Patient Specimens
  • Provided with STP-610 Saf-T-Rap® for specimen protection and absorbent for 500 mL of specimen volume
  • Fits within the STP-340 OVPK for shipments requiring temperature control

System Components:

  • Quantity – 25/Case
  • Outer Box – OD 15.5 x 12.5 x 5” pre-printed with: Biological Substance, Category B, UN 3373 Marking, Exempt Human/Animal Specimen Marking, Orientation Arrows
  • STP-152 Absorbent Strip (250 mL) (2 each per shipper)
  • STP-610 Saf-T-Rap® Bubblewrap, 12 x 12” (1 each per shipper)
  • STP-740 Disposable Secondary Pressure Vessel (Extra Large) (1 each per shipper)

Refurbishments and Optional Components:

  • STP-610 Saf-T-Rap® Bubblewrap, 12 x 12” (20/cs.)
  • STP-150 Absorbent, 50 mL, 3” (500/cs.)
  • STP-151 Absorbent, 100 mL, 6” (250/cs.)
  • STP-150 Absorbent, 250 mL, 12” (250/cs.)

Capacity (Maximum):

  • Two 500 mL Blood Bags

Approximate Capacity*:

  • Max. Secondary Pressure Receptacle(s) (STP-740): 1
  • Max. 2mL Tubes:162
  • Max. 10mL Tubes: 40
  • Max. 500mL Blood Bag(s): 2

*Important Information:

  • Capacities listed above for Category A Shipping Systems are for approximation only. 
  • Units listed above represent the approximate total capacities per shipping system. 
  • Multiple Secondary Pressure Receptacles may be required to achieve the unit counts listed below. 
  • Quantities listed for Category A systems are based on quantities used during package performance testing.
  • For detailed information regarding the specific primary receptacles tested with each shipping system, please refer to the Certificate of Registration, which is available on request.